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    1. Hotel Service

      Hotel Service

      Dear guests::

      Welcome you here to select hotels!

      Since now, CHINA MINING 2021, organizing committee provides hotel recommendation service for the delegates. Delegates who choose to live in the following hotels will enjoy free shuttle bus service from hotel to the venue during 21st Oct. - 23rd Oct. (Hotels not in the list couldn’t enjoy this service)

      Delegates could contact hotels directly to consult and reserve according to the following information. If you encountered any problems in the reservation or check-in process, you could also contact organizing committee: +86 22 23395037

      Your smiling face is our biggest reward!


      Hotel Introduction


      chinamining shuijinggong

      The Crystal Palace Hotel

      The Crystal Palace Hotel is one of the most distinguished high standard hotels in Tianjin, which was opened in 1987. With the elegant environment and scenic lakeside views, the Crystal Palace Hotel is located in the city center of business and culture where only takes 10 minutes by car to the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, 40 minutes to the Tianjin airport and 25 minutes to the Tianjin railway station.
      The hotel features 310 guest rooms including 132 king-size bed rooms, 117 twin bed rooms, 30 suite rooms and 30 apartment rooms.

      Address: No.28, Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
      Hotel Reservations:(+86)139-2000-8201? Liya Cui???


      chinamining xintaoyuan

      Tianjin Grand View Hotel

      The hotel geographical position is superior, located off the intersection of Guangdong road and WeiDi road in Hexi District. It just takes you 30 minutes to Tianjin international Airport from our hotel, and 28 minutes to Beijing by China High-speed Railway. Also an easy access of the central business district.

      Address:No.235,Guangdong Road, Hexi District,Tianjin
      Reservations Tel: (+86)186-2240-7113 Cuiping He



      Tianjin Yanyuan International Hotel
      (Original Sheraton)

      Hotel introduction:Tianjin Yanyuan International Hotel is a unique garden-style hotel in Tianjin with a lush environment Lush,blooming flowers and grass, surrounded by water, as if you are in an oasis, you are in China The third largest city-Tianjin is the best choice for staying.
      Our convenient location can help you easily travel to major destinations-surrounded by Tianjin’s famous water park, Tianjin Zoo, Tianjin TV Tower, Shanggu business district, Tianjin Sports Center where various events and concerts are held, and Meijiang Exhibition The center is only 5 kilometers away, 30 minutes away from Tianjin International Airport, only two hours away from Beijing, and convenient to the Central Business District, Xiqing Economic Development Zone, Dongli (Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone/Tianjin Airport Industrial Park) ) And TEDA Economic Development Zone.
      Welcome to Tianjin Yanyuan International Hotel, where you can enjoy comfort and convenience in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

      Address:31 Zijinshan Road,Hexi District,Tianjin
      Reservations Tel:(+86)139 2081 3382 Jess Fan



      The Vienna International Hotel
      (Tianjin Guizhou Road Store)

      Hotel is located in Tianjin heping district, is the most central zone, in the core of the business, entertainment and shopping areas. Transportation is convenient, is closely linked to the business travelers all the main area of Tianjin ideal location, about 3 minutes’ walk from Tianjin first street "binjiang avenue" and yingkou road subway entrance, adjacent to the "five avenue", "jingyuan", "porcelain", "eye of the Tianjin ferris wheel", "the Italian amorous feelings street" "Nankai university" "Tianjin university" and other well-known scenic spots, famous universities and 25 minutes away from Tianjin binhai international airport, Tianjin railway station 10 minutes by car, close to No.1 middle school in Tianjin, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is extremely convenient.

      Address: No.16, Guizhou road, peace, Tianjin
      Reservations Tel:(+86)189-2002-2369 Yongyi Gao



      Tianjin Golden Crown Hotel 5*

      Tianjin Golden Crown Hotel is lied in the pitcuresque shore of the Haihe River.It is located in the heart of business district of Tinajin.It also located in the business service area and the center of Financial District. It is near custom district Five Road,liabrary ,senior stores ,concer hall.It inherits the region’s cultural heritage of Xiaobailou.They build an upper picture of the central business district together in Tianjin.Hotel is located in the Central Business District, just 30 minutes away from Tianjin International Airport and 10 minutes from the Railway Station. The hotel has 240 deluxe guest rooms, including 33 suites.Golden Crown Hotel is a new brand five-star hotel which is invested by SINOPEC, opening in May of 2004.

      Address:No.18,Nanjing Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
      Reservations Tel:(86)185-2204-3814 Jinglin Zhang



      Jinlong International Hotel

      Officially listed four-star hotel, national government designated procurement hotel, Zip code 300384, is located in the center of Huayuan Industrial Park, adjacent to Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin University, Nankai University, Tianjin Olympic Sports Center and many other universities and research institutions in Tianjin; And many international well-known enterprises in the park. The surrounding air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, the traffic is smooth, and the geographical location is superior. There is a large parking lot at the gate.
      Hotel room type: Business Twin room, business Queen room, Business Suite, Executive Twin room, Executive Queen Room, Executive Suite, luxury executive suite, Presidential Suite.

      Address: No.16,Meiyuan Road,Binhai High-tech Industrial Park,Tianjin.
      Reservations Tel: (+86) 135-1619-6670 Yuchan Pang


      chinamining weiyena

      Vienna Hotel Tianjin Jinnan Lingshi Shijun Shop

      Vienna Hotel (Tianjin Jinnanlingshijun) is one of the branches of CCTV's annual brand Vienna hotel group. Tianjin Nanlingshijun is located at 75 Chongqing Street, Jinnan district (Changqing building) . Is a set of rooms, meetings, catering in one of the four-star Hotel, according to Continental Europe's traditional architectural style decoration, master design and build, the environment noble and elegant, full of rich European style. The hotel is adjacent to the Tianjin Avenue Expressway, 1.5 km from the outer ring main road and the Quanyun village. The Metro Line 6 has been opened here. The Metro Line 1, Mount Hua Li station, is only 3 km away and 1 km from the Shuanggang bus terminal, one bus 304,705,613 and other bus lines direct to the hotel (Chongqing Street station) . It is close to the university town of Jinnan district and has a prosperous business circle. It is only 3.8 km from Mei River Convention and Exhibition Center, 17 km from Binhai International Airport and 25 km from South Station.

      Address:75 Chongqing Street, Jinnan district, Tianjin
      Website: http://www.wyn88.com
      Reservations Tel:(+86)18892267902 Xiaona Zan