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    1. About us

      CHINA MINING Comprehensive Service is a permanent department specially set up for organizing the China Mining Conference & Exhibition and its establishment is approved by Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and it is governed by Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources. It guides and supervises Tianjin Minexpo Co., Ltd. in terms of operational matters of the China Mining Conference & Exhibition.”

      Tianjin Minexpo Co., Ltd. (formerly known as CHINA MINING Tianjin Service Centre, changed its name to the present name in March 2016) is a professional event operator specialized in organizing conferences and exhibitions, designing and releasing advertisements with focus on the industries of mining and energy, which has been the professional organizer of the China Mining Conference Exhibition during 2009-2018.

      China Mining Conference & Exhibition is one of the top mining events in the world, and also the largest domestic mining summit forum and exhibition supported by the Chinese government. China Mining Conference & Exhibition has been successfully held for twenty sessions. Since 2009, the event has been jointly hosted by Ministry of Land and Resources (as of Sept.2018, its name changes as the Ministry of Natural Resources), PRC and Tianjin Municipal People’s Government in Tianjin. As an operating organizer designated by the hosts, Tianjin Minexpo Co., Ltd. has successfully organized ten sessions of the China Mining Conference & Exhibition respectively in 2009-2018 and is fully recognized and highly commended by hosts.

      Adhere to the principle of "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing", China Mining Congress & Exhibition is dedicated to following a path towards sustainable development. We will fully grasp the trend of the global mining development, constantly improve our own service quality and establish an optimal mining cooperation platform in order to build a major annual event of mining dialogues, exchanges and cooperation with integration of convention, exhibition and featured events for mining industry colleagues.

      CHINA MINING 2019 welcomes you!

      CHINA MINING Comprehensive Service


           Shen Hong

               Li Jun
       Deputy Director


      Members of Tianjin Minexpo Co., Ltd.

          Zhang Qiang
      Branch Secretary
        of CPC & Vice

         Feng Huipeng


         Sherry Zhang
       Deputy Manager

          Sun Jingjing
      Financial Controller

      Integrated Dept.

                Li Jin

             Liu Qian
        Deputy Director

            Wang Xu

         Lian Hui Xian

            Angel Ma

      Marketing Dept.

            Tiffany Li
        Deputy Director

         Liu Mingpeng

             Siri Guo

             Zoe Xiao


         Cassiel Zhao

      Conference Dept.

            Peggy Qi
       Deputy Director

         Eunice Peng

             Jerry Xu

      Dept of Publicity & Network

          Wang Bojue

             Tom Liu

         Wang Xiaoyu

            Zhou Dan

      Dept of Logistics Support

               Li Jie
       Deputy Director

            Ma Xiaoyi

           Christy Liu

            Wang Lin

      Accounting Dept.

          Sun Jingjing

         Yue Wenfang


           Lu Wanxin

      Tianjin Land Resources and House Translation Co., Ltd (A Subsidiary of Tianjin Minexpo Co., Ltd.)


         Sherry Zhang

             Iris Yue


             Bob Yi

      Contact Us:
      Address: 2nd Fl,No.29.Hubei Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300042, P.R. China
      Tel: +86-22-23120920 / +86-22-23126061 (Registration)    +86-22-23120615 (Speakers & Papers)
      Fax: +86-22-23120583
      E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Registration), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Speakers & Papers)