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    1. Delegate Info/Price

      Delegate Information / Price

      Registration category Early bird rate
      (before Sept.20, 2020)
      Full rate
      (after Sept.20, 2020)

      Regular delegate

      RMB 3,900 RMB 5,200

      If you miss the early bird rate, the full rate of RMB 5,200 will apply.

      Delegate packages include:
      ? Delegate badge
      ? Delegate bag
      ? Pen
      ? Conference catalogue and guide
      ? Lunch tickets

      Activities/events open to delegates:
      ? CHINA MINING conferences
      ? Trade Show
      ? Coffee Breaks
      ? Lunches
      ? Thematic seminars
      ? Welcome Reception(by Invitation ONLY)
      ? Gala Dinner (by Invitation ONLY)