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    1. Conference Overview

      CHINA MINING is China`s official annual congress for the mining industry.
      CHINA MINING Congress is hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources PRC, with strong participation of the Provincial Departments of the Ministry of Land and Resources and mining associations. The conference is the place to learn about the latest policies, regulations, and mining projects in China and the world.

      CHINA MINING Congress is a global mining forum.

      Participants at CHINA MINING include domestic and overseas mining government and associations, CEOs and executives from all areas of the mining sector, as well as technical experts, service providers, bankers, stock exchanges and investors.

      CHINA MINING Congress features about hundreds of speakers every year.

      The CHINA MINING program includes topics of the highest relevance to the international and domestic mining industry. Keynotes, stream sessions, and panel discussions provide an excellent opportunity to meet and learn from experts, participate in discussions and get deep insights in presented topics and leading opinions.

      CHINA MINING Congress promotes investors exchange.

      A large number of sessions during CHINA MINING Congress are dedicated to country, projects & company presentations as an ideal place to hear about the latest investment opportunities and developments in the world.

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      The (19th) CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2017 was successfully held at Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 23-25, 2017. Under the theme of “Promoting Mining Prosperity under the Silk Road Spirit”, the congress provided a top platform of mining dialogue, exchange and cooperation for the whole mining sector. A total of over 11,000 government officials, mining professionals, experts and scholars from 54 countries and regions gathered together in Tianjin, increasing by over 1,400 people compared to the previous session. Among them, there were more than 1,000 foreign delegates. 12 mining ministers or vice ministers and 9 geological survey directors or vice directors and 10 ambassadors (envoys) from 11 countries (regions) including Sudan, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Mongolia, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Niger, and Mali attended the event. CHINA MINING 2017 collected 121 projects as a result of marketing and negotiation, including: 105 domestic projects and 16 outbound projects.  The Ministry of land and resources has published the "China mineral resources report (2017)" and the collection of China's mining policy in recent years. During the event, China Mining International Productivity Cooperation Enterprises Alliance, the International Center of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane in China, China-Nigeria Mining Investment and Financing Alliance, PP research Center under Union of Mining Environment Rehabilitation & Financing, etc., had all been unveiled and showed that all kinds of alliances play more and more roles in the mining cooperation. Meanwhile, CHINA MINING 2017 attracted 70 Medias and 359 reporters at home and abroad for spot coverage.

      CHINA MINING Conference & Exhibition 2017 introduced keynote session, mining ministers forum, mining cooperation on “The Belt and Road” forum, geological survey directors forum, mining CEOs forum and other 33 breakout sessions and 9 countries (regions) investment projects shows featuring rich content, high participation and strong interaction. Themed with "Promoting Mining Prosperity under the Silk Road Spirit", government officials, executives of financial institutions, the industry elites, and mining experts and scholars from home and abroad carried out profound discussions on topics such as the global economy and the mining situation and policy, and focus on mining investment and finance, geological exploration & mining development, commodities, , green mining development and country investment show, etc. The ministers and vice ministers from Sudan, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Mali, South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria, delivered speeches respectively on the mining ministers forum, introducing their mineral resources situation and expressing foreign cooperation intention, which received widespread attention of participants.

      In terms of the number of participants and booths, the congress 2017 all topped the previous sessions. The congress presented an unprecedentedly grand event full of highlights


      The (20th) China Mining Congress & Exhibition 2018 aims to organize an influential, large-scale and pragmatic event so as to make the mining congress into a guide to the mining trend. The congress will optimize the planning of breakout sessions and special mining topic streams with attention focused on key countries and regions to enhance study on international mining industry and economic situation and trend, and organize special topic forums on topics such as macro-economy and mining industry, mining industry and financial capital market and outlook on market of important mineral products.

      Speaker invitation and solicitation: The organizing committee of China Mining Congress & Exhibition 2018 will globally invite government officials, renowned scholars, industry leaders and CEOs of large mining enterprises to attend the congress and deliver speeches on related topics at the congress forums for further discussions. If you are interested in presentation at CHINA MINING 2018, please contact us at:

      E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      Tel:+86-22-23120615 / 23120920
      Fax:+86-22-2312 0583

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